My first time experiencing a sound bath brought me joy! Guided with expertise I found myself wrapped in the comfort of sounds. Not the usual kind that reaches my ears on a daily basis, none that I was familiar with. I listened, I relaxed, I felt a lightness in my body, and energy in my limbs. I was brought to tears. It felt so good! I look forward to the next session. 

Lynne Carnathan

It was wonderful! Thank you Kathryn, David, Maia and Tristan. Thank you for your gifts and your selves. The Sound Bath was both grounding and uplifting, and the sounds took me to a place I didn’t know I needed.

Pat Rees

What an incredible experience. I just drifted through the rest of the day. Thanks. 

Virginia Harlan

Oh my heart, spirit and body are renewed after seeing your lovely faces and being bathed in amazing vibrations and sounds!!!! Heaven on Earth!!! Many thanks to Maia and Tristan!!! 

Denise Lajeunesse

It’s hard to put into words what it means to stop, take an hour, and sink into sound masterfully created to produce an immersive, personal and restorative experience. You lie on your bed or a comfortable place as Maia Ibar and Tristan Martineau create myriad sounds that “wash over” your day-to-day thoughts and feelings, allowing for a unique moment of mindfulness. The wave after wave of sounds was unique throughout the experience so I found myself able to step away from anxiety and from the “to do” list in a way that generally is impossible for me. I recommend this to anyone new to mindfulness – or experienced in it – for me, it was a most welcome separation from the present day, to heal and redirect to what matters.

Jill Kantrowitz Kunkel

I enjoyed Ursula very much. She is clear and keeps it simple, but only people who know a lot on a given subject can manage to make it clear and simple for the common mind! So I know I will probably pursue with her a bit deeper and more personally when the time comes; it is comforting to think about it!

Christine Ibar

Working with Anna has improved my posture so much! In just a short period of time my neck and shoulders have loosened up and my body awareness has improved. I have also noticed a significant reduction in my lower back pain. The movements she has me do are simple as well as effective. Anyone can do this and everyone will be glad that they did.

Jenny Clarno

Anna’s classes are a great combination of mind and body work. She has a lovely way of leading meditation and her deep knowledge of the posture exercises helps her guide them in a clear way. I have been working with Anna for many months and I feel the exercises she has prescribed for me are really helping with my posture and overall flexibility.

Sam B.

I am really enjoying this Virtual Postural Alignment Movement Series given by Anna Forliti. I started doing this in May and have experienced a reduction in my knee, hip and lower back pain as well as greater mobility, strength and flexibility! It is very doable...You can do this in your home and the exercises can be done (or adapted) by everyone. Anna is a great teacher and makes this a very enjoyable as well as beneficial experience.

Mary Schuster

Anna’s postural healing class is one of the few bright spots of the past three months. Because of Covid, I’m working in a makeshift home office and unable to do my usual routine at a gym. Anna’s class keeps me committed to pausing twice a week to listen to my body. Her exercises loosen my sore spots, and her meditations calm the mind. Anna senses the vibe of the day and adjusts the class to bring a sense of peace and healing.

Pam Snopl

I had no idea what a "sound bath" was until Kathryn and David introduced me to Maia and Tristan at their Living Whole Retreat in Avila, Spain. It sounded very enigmatic and I love sounds and baths - so, what's there to lose...? Well, I completely lost myself at that first sound bath experience. My body submerged into the floor with the delightful sound vibrations. My mind floated up to the ceiling as the lyrical energy of Maia's voice rejuvenated every cell in my body. The aftermath was a deep relaxation and detoxification inside and out that I've never felt before. It was the most amazing bath I've ever had and I didn't even get wet...

Julie Theresin-Pham

Maia and Tristan, I listened to your Sound Bath recording on June 6, D-day. It is incredibly good, your voice is crystal clear, relaxing, the preamble hymn to nature is said like a wave of freshness sweeping the air. It's amazingly sweet. The montage is professional. Whoa guys!

Jean-Pierre Ibar